Sailing & SUP School



We have 8 Otpimist in perfect conditions. The Optimist is a small, single-handed sailing dinghy intended for use by children up to the age of 15. It is a simple, stable and at the same time competitive.

International Optimist Dinghy Association.





We have 3 boats of this kind, they are idel for beginners courses with the instructor onboard. We also use the Gamba for our adult courses, it is a very safe and stable boat, ideal for learning.

Astilleros Araez


Beneteau Platu 25

We have one Platu 25 in our Fleet, this boat is perfect to introduce cruise sailing to our students, we use it also for Cruise Regatta courses. It is our best boat for adult courses. It is one of the most important monotype boat worldwide.


Laser 3000

The Laser 3000 is a racing sailing dinghy crewed by two persons with a trapeze for the crew. Launched in 1996, the 3000 was developed from the Laser 2. The 3000 offers fast, exciting yet easy sailing, particularly for lighter sailors - couples, parent-child and teenage combinations are common at 3000 events.

3000 Laser Class Association


Europe Class

We have 2 Europe Class. The Europe is a one-person dinghy designed in Belgium in 1960 by Alois Roland. This dinghy boats are perfect boats for our Advanced courses.

International Europe Class Union


Cadet class

We have 2 Cadets. The Cadet is a class of sailing dinghy designed to be sailed by two children up to the age of 17. We use them as complement of the optimist in the learn to sail process.

International Cadet Class Association